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2019 Events

Waggy Tails Dog Walking 15th Feb

Waggy Tails Dog Walking 31st Jan and 1st Feb

Hall Farm Shoot 26th January

Hall Farm Shoot Keepers Day

Hall Farm Shoot 5th January

Clumbers Up The Common

2018 Events

Hungarian Vizsla Club Working Test

Braque D'Auvergne Club Working Test

Training up the farm 4th August

Hall Farm Shoot 27th January

Hall Farm Shoot Keeper's Day

2017 Events

Hall Farm Shoot 9th December

Waggy Tails Dog Walking 27th October

Hall Farm Shoot 21st October

Lilly the Chihuahua

HVC Working Test

Haymaking 2017

Training Day Up The Farm

Chertsey Show 2017

Bonfire Up The Farm

Ferrari 70th Anniversary Windsor Castle

HPR Training in Sussex with Andy Cullen

ModBall 2017

London 13th June

Spaniel Cold Game Training

Rome 22nd to 26th May

Seeker and Gunner Puppies

Auto Italia Day Brooklands 2017

Saffie and Freya

Echo and Jäger

The Valley Gardens 13th April

Jäger and Echo

DD Classics and Supervettura

Hall Farm Shoot Beaters Day

Silver Arrows at Mercedes Benz World


2016 Events

Hall Farm Shoot 17th December

Sweden 19th to 22nd November

Porsche Panamera Launch at Porsche Centre Guildford

Hall Farm Shoot 5th November 2016

Hall Farm Shoot 15th October 2016

HWVA Working Test 18th September 2016

Cracker Pups 08.09.16

MotionHouse Block, Fordham Park, Deptford

Echo, Saffie, Freya and Skye

MotionHouse Block, Bell Square, Hounslow

Horsepower at The White Horse

Chertsey Show 2016

Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club Working Test

Farnborough Airshow 2016

Echo and Saffie 14th July

Waggy Tails Dog Walking 14th July

Supercar Event 2016

MotionHouse Block at Greemwich and Docklands International Festival

Goodwood Breakfast Club 5th June 2016

Broke FMX at Merrist Wood

Ray Prior Falconry at Merrist Wood

Paws at Play Agility Display at Merrist Wood

Braque D'auvergne Club UK Working Test 2016

Romans International 23rd April

Porsche 718 Launch at Porsche Centre Guildford

Chainsaws at Merrist Wood College

Fleecy Frolics at Merrist Wood College

Crufts 2016

Hall Farm Shoot 16th January 2016


2015 Events

Hall Farm Shoot 28th December

Hall Farm Shoot 19th December

Hall Farm Shoot October 2015

Hungarian Vizsla Club Working Test 20th September

Wings and Wheels 2015

Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club Gundog Working Test

Chertsey Show 2015

Hungarian Vizsla Club Training Day 14th June

Braque D'auvergne Club UK Working Test

Central & Southern G.S.P Society Training Day

Grouse Experience Day 14th March

Hall Farm Shoot Keepers Day

Hall Farm Shoot 24th January


2014 Events

Hall Farm Shoot 20th December

Hall Farm Shoot 13th December

Grouse Experience Day 7th December

Hall Farm Shoot 29th November

Hall Farm Shoot November

Hall Farm Shoot 25th October

Hall Farm Shoot 18th October

Waggy Tails Dog Walking Dogs 

Dunsfold Wings and Wheels 2014

Jenny's Flowers

Knights of the Damned

Moorcrest Stud at Chersey Show

Chertsey Show - Welsh Ponies Section C & D's

Gonegos Grouse Counting July

Starshot Grouse Counting July

Farnborough Airshow Sunday 20th July

Farnborough Airshow Friday 18th July

Twig, Mouse and Henry

The Supercar Event 2014

Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Hungarian Vizsla Club Water and Training day

Central & Southern GSP Club show

H.W.V.A Working Test

Hungarian Vizsla Club Training Day

Ellie and Shenti

Gonegos and Starshot Grouse Counting

Crufts 2014 (Toy and Utility)



Brian and Kim's Wedding

Hall Farm Shoot 1st February

Hall Farm Shoot 25th January

Hall Farm Shoot 18th January

Hall Farm Shoot 11th January


2013 Events

Hall Farm Shoot 14th December

Hall Farm Shoot 30th November

HWV Grouse Experience Day on Grinton Moor 24th November 2013

Hawking with Roy Bebbington

Hall Farm Shoot 26th October

Pomm and Friends

Dog Agility At Surrey County Fair

Surrey Stage of The Tour of Britain

Harrigoss Gundogs

Korthals Griffon Club of Great Britain Show

Moorcrest Stud

Chertsey Ploughing Match 2013

Dunsfold Wings And Wheels 2013

Kato And Callie

Moorcrest Welsh Ponies 

Starshot Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Puppies

The View From The Shard And London

Central & Southern G.S.P Society Water Training Day

Miniature Ponies and Farm Yard

Sharon, Sophie and Shadow


Veritas Clay Shoot At Bisley

HWVA Water Training Day

A Wonderful Garden



Wild Flowers

Dog Walking 19th June

The Supercar Event 2013

H.W.V.A. Natural Ability Day

Mullenscote Gundogs at Surrey County Show

Surrey County Show

H.W.V.A Working Test

Two Cockers And a Poodle

Branston, Betsey, Bailey and Finch

Laochin Training Day in East Sussex

Janet's Dogs

Starshot Grouse Counting On North Yorkshire Moors

Gonegos Grouse Counting On North Yorkshire Moors

Waggy Tails Dog Walking

Jude's dogs

HWV cold game training

Hall Farm Shoot - Beaters Day

Starshot Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

Snow Birds

Hall Farm Shoot 5th January


2012 Events

A Fun Dog Walk


Hall Farm Shoot 15th December

Hall Farm Shoot 8th December

Chase, Twig and Aggi

Hall Farm Shoot 17th November

Jude's Dogs

Rye and Gus Puppies

Hall Farm shoot 10th November

Hall Farm Shoot 27th October

Hall Farm Shoot 20th October

Banjo, Cello and Ellie

Cocker pups

Vizsla Club Show - Holland

Quodians Smooth Vizsla Puppies

Quodian's Kennels - Holland

Spaniels and Banjo

Chertsey Ploughing Match

Dunsfold Wings and Wheels

Chertsey show 2012

The Devils Horsemen 11th August

Julian's party

Cockapoo Puppies

Waggy Tails Dog Walking and Wildlife

Spaniels and a Poodle Pup

Farnborough Airshow 15th July

Farnborough Airshow 13th July

Banjo, Cello and Greg

SuperVettura 12th July

Photo Day 11th July

Beagle and Basset Kennels Visit

Pheonician Cup

Polo at Smiths Lawn

Supercars at Dunsfold

Lyne Fete and Dog Show

Starshot Zaffie puppies


Performance Cars

Pirbright Clay Shoot


Starshot Gundogs in the snow

Hall Farm Part 2

Hall farm part 1